- the hands of ecuadorian artisans
Each detail is handcrafted with love, patience and ancestral knowledge, to make a difference in your daily life.
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- From our
HANDS to yours
- Fill you life with CREATIVITY
- Ecuador is
Talented artisans from all over the country show their skills in each and every piece of art included in our store
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Are you tired of meeting people on the street, in the office or at parties wearing the same fashion as you?

Did you want to identify and feel special with the fashion accessories you wear?


Quinde offers you individual and Unique and exclusive fashion accessories, 100% handmade by Ecuadorian artisans. Each of our accessories are unique, so we guarantee that you are the privileged owner of this beautiful design.


Hello World!

Ecuador is a country rich in tastes and flavors, but above all rich in the colors of its landscapes. Those colors are reflected in the

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