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Greetings hummingbirds! (In case you have forgotten Quinde means hummingbird).

This year is your year, our year, the renaissance year. We have lived through adversities, and we must wake up every day standing proud that we have health, family, motivation, good people surrounding you, yet most importantly we are allowing ourselves to stand tall and move forward, without looking back. Another year to give ourselves the opportunity to become who you want to be.


The rebirth prompted the rediscovery of philosophy, literature, art, and culture, where the intellect of humans reached its peak after Europe overcame the Black Plague and the Great Plague. Thinkers suggest that as we enter a third year with a pandemic, we are ready and able to open to new social nuances, to allow ourselves to live more and fear less. With a higher number of citizens getting vaccinated, the path of hope seems to open up each day.

It is in our hands to unravel the results of a rebirth, to potentiate all of our power and recreate innovation and live to think what kind of world do we want to preserve for our future generations. After all, the renaissance was the time to bring about creations and realizations that were already made, yet it catalyzed it to burst open a vault filled with knowledge we still value till today.

You have noticed that changes are already set in place, because we have become part of this major shift. NWe motivate you to think that as main characters of this shift, we must take it to our advantage. The window is open, and now we must go through it.


As our brand represents the subtleness yet agile movement of the hummingbird, we want you to embrace this year as a decision-making year. To fly north or to fly south, to speed-up as you calm your heart, to use color as an attraction mechanism, to find the best flowers you can energize with. Become one in a million, as you are unique.

May this hummingbird analogy accompany you for the rest of the year, to feel that we are here to only look ahead, that the world is kind as a flower and you will attract the best pollen.

Dear hummingbird, this letter is to you, to understand that this year’s rebirth relays on you, the world needs you, and you need the world. We will end this short but sweet reminder by motivating you to take advantage of the fresh energy in the air and dream, manifest, and plan ahead for the months ahead. To do this, Quinde recommends:

  1. Stop looking at your phone first thing in the morning, buy an alarm clock.
  2. Nurture your body, exercise, meditate, take barefoot walks on nature.
  3. Wear colors, textures, step out of your comfort zone. Our products can help you with that.
  4. Rearrange your space, your temple, add color with our products.
  5. Call your loved ones more often, find out what they are doing to embrace this rebirth.

Thank you for reading us! As always, if this read helped you or inspired you, please share it with who might need it.


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