Tradition - color and exclusivity in each product.

Feel UNIQUE with each design!

I have always been passionate about the way the artisans from my native Ecuador work each piece. The slow but strong way with which they weave and embroider colored figures that represent our natural biodiversity; the patience and love with which they select each natural material, textile or texture, and the creativity with which they unite all their ancestral knowledge and traditions in colorful and modern products capable of brightening up even the saddest and most gray of days.

My name is Ximena Crespo and with Quinde, my great project, I decided to bring a piece of the heart of my country to Switzerland to accompany you in your lifestyle.

Quinde, 100% artisan products made by Ecuadorian hands

And brought to Europe especially for you.

We work hand in hand with Patricia Carrillo Merlo and her team of Ecuadorian artisans, who produce designs inspired by the indigenous culture of Ecuador, and create ethnic but at the same time modern jewelry, garments and decorative products capable of stealing all the attention and giving color to your life and your spaces.

Every time you shop at Quinde

You support artisan work

Every time you buy any of our products you are supporting the work of a community of artisans, and in turn contributing to the promotion and preservation of the identity and ancestral traditions of Ecuador.

You use UNIQUE products that you won't find anywhere else

All of our products are exclusive. Our philosophy is precisely to create UNIQUE products like you.

You bring joy and color to your day

It is no secret that the magic and power of colors can lift your mood, give you more energy and make you feel happy and positive in your day-to-day life. That’s why Quinde brings out your colors.

Why Quinde?

Quinde means in the indigenous Quechua language “hummingbird” and is one of the most emblematic birds of the Ecuadorian flora and fauna. It is a bird of infinite beauty and color that feeds on the nectar of flowers and can flutter up to 120 times per second.

And this beautiful bird,stands as a symbol to represent here in Switzerland, the craftsmanship of the small and talented producers.