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Quinde has been operating as a handmade e-commerce with unique wearable art since the year 2017. Our e-commerce is focused on offering you products that you will want to keep in your belongings for generations. A legacy if you will. As it is carefully handmade, it has good quality enough to be useful for a long term.

Our conscious consumption promotes something that is called the Buy What You Need Initiative; this is something a lot of sustainable brands and particularly grocery markets promote. Buying what you need is a way to stop massive purchasing that will eventually create potential waste. Some initiatives from other brands also motivate a Green Day, to go outside enjoy with family, enjoy nature, anything that does not involve frenzy purchasing. The American brand REI, promotes a wild outdoors experience on “black friday week” called #OPToutsjde rather than being behind closed doors at a mall. They motivate you that instead of spending copious amounts of money, you can pick up garbage from trails, donate to a grassroots, initiative, or learn about indigenous communities.

Our products are quite unique yet versatile, making them fit so you can use them several times, as Jessica Davis from Bazaar magazine suggests:

“Try to veer away from buying that statement piece you know you are only going to wear for one occasion, and instead invest in something with more longevity that you can wear again and again. Pick more versatile pieces that can be styled in different ways, rather than that one item you know is going to fall out of fashion in no time.”

When you purchase Quinde you are adding a pop-of-color that will make you and others prefer and value handmade wonders made by real artists rather than heading to your multinational supermarket and purchasing jewelry that will go out of fashion or will damage. You will acquire something that you can wear on your day to day to warm up your winter blues with our colorful items.

We promote a conscious purchase as each item has soul, intention, and effort. In other words, we do not mass produce. Mass production is what allows brands and even small businesses to offer discounts generating more traffic, more sales, thus more waste.


An ironic campaign done at Seattle to outline how big companies WANT you to buy more stuff.

We love that our customers are informed, we encourage you to “do your homework” and learn who made my clothes, you can read about the natural materials we use here.

Given that each piece is carefully made by artisans all across in the southern continent, we condone massive production and instead we design our wearable art in two seasons and according to demand; making our artisans upkeep a fair wage all year long, as they do not get paid per sold item, rather per production.

Ximena, founder and one of Quinde’s creative director mentions that big brands tend to manage an abusive economic system as they do not only use Black Friday as an opportunity to increase sales, but also Christmas, and every other holiday.

“This is a betrayal to small brands, as essentially we cannot compete with all year promotions based on mass production”.


We want you to know that we are offering different sales throughout the year, just not in Black Friday. We rather have a symbolic sale when we are changing our production, so keep an eye out on our social media.


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