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Look at that piece, what is it made of? Colors are popping, textures are attracting, who is the artist behind that piece? What is it trying to communicate? How does it make me feel when I wear it?

If it is eye-catching, it must at ignite at least one of the above questions. This is what eye-catching is all about, having someone question or have some form of intrigue, but most importantly how does the individual that is wearing it feels. This is what a statement piece is all about, generating impact.


Imagine wearing something because it makes us feel astonishing, it levitates our essence. It is quintessential that as humans we dress not only for the norms of society, but to makes us feel empowered. The act of waking up, selecting a piece, even if its unconscious, leaves a transcendental effect in our day. Is it going to be clothes for the gym? Am I going to a party? Will wearing this piece for work have an influence in how I feel or people see me?

Deciding what to wear is a statement itself, whether you do it with intent to yourself or to others, it generates impact. Choose as you please for today’s outfit, but just for today, remember that what you wear has to match up with your statement necklace.

Wearing a necklace is the biggest form of statement as it surrounds the neck, the essential organ that gives us voice. At Quinde our artisans who make our eye-catching necklaces are from indigenous descent, Kichwa, which is a demographic in Ecuador of people. In the indigenous cosmovision the Wallcka (or necklace in Kichwa language), symbolizes the power that God beholds, to form a spectrum of protection for women who wear it.

The necklace absorbs and beholds any low frequency energy that surrounds the person, so it does not enter its most important medium, the voice.

From rocks amethyst, obsidian, coral, venetian all in different colors assimilating the rainbow spectrum. These are how necklaces are made to protect.


In the indigenous tradition it is said that the person will not select their necklace, instead the necklace will select them. It is all symbolic, as it should be with each statement piece you purchase. It will become yours once it selects you.

Wearing a necklace has been a statement piece since prehistoric times around the world. In Quinde we study, and venerate the traditions of Inca communities. For Incas to wear a necklace, at the time made of pure gold, meant prestige, protection, hierarchy, and a way to communicate without saying a single word.

We aim to provide you with pieces that can transport you, wether you wear it to communicate a specific statement or to empower yourself, our diverse variety of necklaces will give you what you are looking for.

Search in our gallery, and wait until that one piece calls your name. Afterwards message us, and ask anything you will about the production of it. It is already yours, it is just waiting for you.

Written by Dominique Crespo

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